iOS SDK Release Notes for iOS 4.3 beta 1

important: This is a preliminary document for an API or technology in development. Although this document has been reviewed for technical accuracy, it is not final. Apple is supplying this information to help you plan for the adoption of the technologies and programming interfaces described herein. This information is subject to change, and software implemented according to this document should be tested with final operating system software and final documentation. Newer versions of this document may be provided with future seeds of the API or technology.


iOS SDK 4.3 provides support for developing iOS applications and includes the complete set of Xcode tools, compilers, and frameworks for creating applications for iOS and Mac OS X. These tools include the Xcode IDE and the Instruments analysis tool among many others.

With this software you can develop applications that run on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 4.3. You can also test your applications using the included iOS Simulator, which supports iOS 4.3. Installing iOS SDK 4.3 requires a Macintosh computer running Mac OS X 10.6.4 (Snow Leopard) or later.

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Bug Reporting

Please report any bugs not mentioned in the “Notes and Known Issues” section using the Apple Bug Reporter on the Apple Developer website at: Additionally, you may discuss these issues and iOS SDK 4.3 in the Apple Developer Forums:

Notes and Known Issues

The following issues relate to using the 4.3 SDK to develop code.


  • AirPlay Video requires the AppleTV Software Beta.
  • AirPlay Video support is now available as an option for developers in the MPMoviePlayerController class. It is also available to web authors via the QuickTime Plug-In or media element. Supported formats include:
    • H.264 video with AAC audio
    • HTTP streaming, both live and on demand
    • progressive download content
    • local content
  • For web-based content, AirPlay Video can be enabled in the QuickTime Plug-in or media element as described below:
    • QTPlug-in attribute:
      • airplay=”allow”
      • airplay=”deny” (Default)
    • For example: <embed src=”” width=320 height=240 airplay=”allow”>
    • Media element:
      • x-webkit-airplay=allow
      • x-webkit-airplay=deny (Default)
    • For example: <video controls width=640 height=368 x-webkit-airplay=allow src=content/> </video>

Core Audio

  • NEW: When using the AudioQueueRef type or AVAudioRecorder class to record at a sample rate that is different from the hardware sample rate, the resulting recording is corrupt.


  • FIXED: GameKit now reports an error when an achievement or leaderboard score is not actually submitted.


  • NEW: Application symbols are not being symbolicated correctly in the Xcode organizer’s device logs.