[UNIX] Package Manager

Homebrew는 OSX에 포함되지않은 UNIX툴입니다.

이를 통해서 LUA등을 설치가능합니다.

위에 주소에 접속하면, Installation 설명이 나옵니다.


Shell Prompt에

/usr/bin/ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL”

입력해주면 설치가 됩니다.




1 Not all brews have CPU or OS requirements, but you can assume you will have trouble if you don’t conform. Also, you can find PowerPC and Tiger branches from other users in the fork tree. See Interesting Branches.

2 Homebrew itself does not depend on Xcode and not all formulae require Xcode. Homebrew will still attempt to install formulae if Xcode is not installed; this is so people can create custom Homebrew installations, that e.g. only install binaries. The X11 components are automatically installed if you installed Xcode via the App Store. If you are not on Lion you will have to register with Apple Connect and then download Xcode. If you do install via the App Store, you will need to run the “Install Xcode” app that is placed in /Applications.

3 Homebrew itself does not depend on Java. However software that tries to build Java bindings (Subversion, Berkeley-DB, Cmake, etc.) require Apple’s “Java Developer Update”. The latest versions are “Update 10” for 10.5 and “Update 5” for 10.6.

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