iTunes Connect Holiday Shutdown Details

iTunes Connect Holiday Shutdown Details
Dec 20, 2011


애플심사가 미국시각으로 12월22일부터 29일까지 겨울방학이 시작됩니다!

이 기간동안에는 모든 앱의 승인과 업데이트가 불가능할거라는 .. 나름 희소식이 있습니다 ㅎㅎ

iOS개발자 여러분들은 이 기간동안 좀  쉬셔요~

iTunes Connect will be temporarily shut down December 22-29 for the winter holidays. During this time, access to iTunes Connect and the delivery of apps and updates will be unavailable. You should not schedule pricing changes that would take effect during the shutdown, as these changes will not be reflected in the App Store and the app will become unavailable for purchase. In addition, releases scheduled between these dates will not go live until after the shutdown.


(주)리화이트 대표 / CEO & Founder

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