[Debugger] Flash / Flex Debugger


How it works. There are a few simple steps that you have to take in order to start using De MonsterDebugger with your own applications.

  • First you need to have Adobe AIR installed.
  • After that you need to install De MonsterDebugger. Just open the download and AIR will do the rest.

  • Once De MonsterDebugger is up and running, you still need to import the client class to establish the connection with De MonsterDebugger. The client class is embedded in De MonsterDebugger and can be saved to any location by selecting File > Export Client Class. Save the folder in the root folder of your application.

  • Now all you need to do is import the class in your project. Flash and Flex examples are shown below.

Flash example:

Flex example:

Tracing anything to De MonsterDebugger is optional. If you just want to explore your application and change parameters of Objects or run methods then you do not have to add any trace messages. Importing and declaring De MonsterDebugger should suffice.

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